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Braking Systems


At Sitwell, we will carry out several checks on your car to ensure it is safe to drive.


Your vehicle braking system is important for the continued safety of both you and other road users.


Being able to stop quickly and safely in the event of an incident, or to bring your vehicle to a regular controlled stop are all reliant on an effective braking system.


Poor braking, unusual noises and juddering are all indicators that the braking system may require attention. In addition braking system failures can be indicated with a brake warning or ABS warning indicator in the vehicle dashboard.


Vehicle braking systems are complex relying on many moving and electrical components. They will wear out over time with continued use and these components should always be checked and changed in accordance with manufacturers requirements.


Poor braking, noises and juddering are all signs the braking system may require attention.   Any signs that a fault with your braking system should be investigated immediately to avoid causing  vehicle damage or endangering yourself and other road users.

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